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  Our aim
To expand the atmosphere of justice
To defend people’ s rights & interest
  Our target
Not only to be experts of laws and decrees
But also to be experts in solving problems
  Our Firm

    Guangdong Yonglong Law Firm, ratified by the Judicial Department of Guangdong Province, is a partnership one, with a group of young lawyers,who have a rich practical experience, strong sense of responsibility. As early as 1999, we had purchased more than 500 square meters of office building, we had constructed an office building more than 1000 square meters again behind the construction of Financial Bureau in 2009, and equipped with various facilities, and truly realized Office modernization. Our lawyers not only have a wealth of practical experience, strong sense of responsibility, but also courage to be the law division and problem-solving experts. Our business has extended to many large cities in China, especially coastal open cities and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan regions, as well as USA, Europe, etc.
    As a full-service law firm which was firstlyprofessionally specified in Guangdong, wehave a number of key professionals. Our law firm's director has undertaken many cases, which have been made into law will be broadcasted by Guangdong Province television stations. We were alsorecommended as a well-known law firm by Today's Law into Communities,which was edited by CCTV.
    After the development of the past years, weare better than other law firms in many aspects. We have profound knowledge and abundant experience so that we can help you solve difficult cases and turn your danger into safety. We trust that, with our help, your future will be much brighter.
Add: Yonglong Law Building, No.40 Xiawei Street, East District, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Postcode: 528403
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The Profession Division and Service

A. Legal Advisers’ Department Tel: 0760-88303589
As your perennial legal Advisers, we provide all-direction legal service as follows:
●Providing legal services for the establishment,purchasing, joint venture, contractor or partnership operation of company & enterprise.
●Providing legal services for the establishment and operation of foreign-capital enterprise, joint venture and cooperative venture.
●Providing legal services for investigation and evidence collection on agent trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets and other cases. Acting for litigation, etc
●Providing legal services for house trade and lease, land assignment and release, and technology exploitation and transfer.
●Participating in the project negotiations, drafting, revision, reviewing various terms of contracts.
●Witnessing a variety of agreements,contracts, etc.
●Participating in a variety of mediation, arbitration, litigation activities about labor disputes, traffic accident disputes.
●Participating in litigation activities on varous international (domestic) business and civil disputes.
●Training personnel for you on personnel management ,business and finance.
●helping adviser units establish risk prevention system.
●Collecting debts for clients through letter, telephone or in person.

B. International (Domestic) Ministry of Commerce 0760-88303583
We are concentrated on the following services, and have got abundant practical experience in the following areas:
●Drafting and reviewing different
kinds of contracts on international
(domestic) trade ,construction and
●Settling of any disputes arising from
processing and undertaking, regional
distribution, chaining, franchising or joint enterprises.
●Claiming international (domestic) commercial debts. Inquiring liability of breaking contracts.
●Providing legal services for house trade and lease, land assignment and release, and technology exploitation and transfer.
●Providing legal services for enterprise combining and separation, enterprise capital increasing and reducing , applying for various licenses and permits ,etc.

C. Intellectual Property Department Tel: 0760-88222160
Intellectual property , an outcome based on
intelligence, is an important rights. With the social
development and progress, the protection of
intellectual property is very important. We are
dedicated to provide you with professional legal
services as follows:
●Providing legal services for trademark registration, patent application, copyright
confirmation in China or around the world.
●Providing legal services for investigation and evidence collection on trademark, patent , copyright. Acting for litigation, etc.
●Involving in unfair competition , application for beating false and acting for litigation, etc.
● Drawing up various agreement of transfer and permission , etc.
● Drawing up agreements and rules of secrecy, etc.
●Dealing with infringement disputes on commercial and technical secrets.

D. Traffic Accidents and Civil Cases Department Tel: 0760-88222159
Our lawyers have achieved great success
in the following services:
●Application for traffic accident liability
● Traffic Accident damages disputes.
● Motor vehicle insurance contract
● marriage and family and inheritance disputes.
● private lending, property mortgage and pawn, guarantor’s guarantee, etc.
● personal injury compensation, defamation, portrait infringement disputes.

E. Labor and Injury Treatment Department Tel: 0760-88222158
We have handled a lot of labor and injury cases, have a wealth of professional knowledge and practical experience. We specialize in the following services:
● labor contract disputes.
●Employment disputes and labor salary disputes of contract.
● Export of labor services dispute.
●Application for occupational diseases identified and compensation disputes.
●Application for work injury identified and the assessment of work injury ;
●Work accident damage disputes.

F. Real Estate and Insurance Department Tel: 0760-88222156
Our lawyers have accumulated plentiful experience in the real estate and insurance business, also they have made remarkable achievements in the following work:
● Real estate item negotiation.
●Construction project biding and tendering legal affairs.
● Land transfer and release.
●Solution to hose sale contract disputes (including unqualified, building-up area shrinkage, handing over delay, delaying to apply for real estate license, etc.).
● the processing of property management disputes.
●Drawing up , amending , and claiming financial & insurance contracts.

G. Criminal Defense Department Tel: 0760 - 88222150
During the criminal procedure, we can provide the following legal service:
● Asking release upon bail pending trial for suspects.
● Collecting evidences that can prove the accused to be innocence or lighten his crime.
● Appearing in court to defend , appeal or apply to be adjudicated again for suspects.
●Acting for the victim to bring up criminal self-indictment and supplementary civil litigation, and so on.

Lawyer Jinbao Lu Chief Partner
Jinbao Lu, born in Jiangxi Province, has been a lawyer in Zhongshan for twelve years. He majored in English and law in three universities (Tsinghua university, etc), and has dealt with more than 1000 cases during the past years. Some cases are of substantial influence and some clients come from Europe, US, Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan. Mr. Lu has prevented losses of hundreds of millions of Yuan for his clients. He has also been to more than 10 foreign countries including Britain, France, Germany, etc.
As a legal consultant, Mr. Lu has served more than 100 companies and is now providing legal services for over 20 domestic or foreign companies. He has abundant experience in handling disputes arising form both domestic and international trade, the exploitation and trade of real estate, intellectual property, traffic accident or human body disservice indemnity,penal defence ,appeal on undeserved and untrue cases, appeal execution through judicial procedure etc. Mr. Lu's professional experience has been well praised by a lot of his clients
Lawyer Jinbao Lu's excellent work and successful cases have been reported by such newspapers or magazines as Shenzhen ,Zhujiang and Zhongshan Television Stations, Guangdong Lawyers, Jiangxi Lawyers, Guangzhou Daily, Nanfang Daily, Zhongshan Daily, Jiujiang Daily and Xiushui Daily, etc.Due to the abundant experience, hard work and the good teamwork with capable assistants in the past twelve years, Mr. Lu has succeeded in handling many difficult cases. Under the leadership of such an excellent director, Yonglong Law firm is striding to a much brighter future.
Add: Yonglong Law Building, No.40, Xiawei Street, East District, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Postcode: 528403
+86-760-88222160 +86-13702381868 Fax: +86-760-88222158
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